Customizable Figurines


Customize Your Own Figurine!

We are delighted to introduce new figurines made even more special with a personal touch! Select hair color and skin tone for each character to match you or your loved ones. These customizable figurines reflect your unique relationships, providing you with a truly thoughtful personal gift.

Each figurine is expertly hand-painted in your selected hair color and skin tone and shipped to you within 6-10 weeks.

Exclusively available on & through the Precious Moments Catalogs.

Choose from 3 different designs!

219012.main.jpg 219013.main.jpg 219014.main.jpg
You’re The Sister I Chose
Customizable Figurine
219012 | $100.00
Founded In Faith, Joined In Love
Customizable Figurine
219013 | $100.00
Forever In Love
Customizable Figurine
219014 | $100.00
Girl 1 - Red Hair/Light Skin
Girl 2 - Blonde Hair/Light Skin
Girl - Blonde Hair/Light Skin
Boy - Black Hair/Dark Skin
Girl - Brunette Hair/Medium Skin
Boy - Blond Hair/Light Skin


Choose one hair color and one skin tone option for each character.

customhaircolorblonde.jpg   customhaircolorred.jpg   customhaircolorbrown.jpg
Blonde   Red   Brunette
customhaircolorblack.jpg   customhaircolorgrey1.jpg    
Black   Grey    
customskincolorfair.jpg   customskincolormedium.jpg   customskincolordark.jpg
Light   Medium   Dark


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