2018 Easter Gifts And Traditions: 7 Unique Easter Egg, Easter Basket And Easter Celebration Ideas

2018 Easter Gifts And Traditions: 7 Unique Easter Egg, Easter Basket, And Easter Celebration Ideas

Create more precious moments to remember with these unique ideas for Easter gifts and Easter traditions that are sure to inspire more meaningful moments in your Easter celebrations. We’ve listed 7 ideas each for Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and Easter celebrations since Easter is on Sunday, the traditional 7th day of rest in the Christian faith.

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Easter Gifts And Easter Traditions: Easter Eggs

Decorating and dyeing1 Easter eggs has been a traditional part of Easter since the 17th century, when eggs from hens and ducks were dyed with vegetable dye and charcoal. Today it’s customary to dye Easter eggs with food coloring and vinegar, but sometimes it’s fun to consider an alternative.

7 Unique Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

  1. Decorate your hard-boiled eggs with chalkboard paint and let the kids go wild with colored chalk! The best part? You can erase the design and start over anytime.
  2. Got a permanent marker and a white egg? No need to get complicated, just decorate the eggs in different patterns with the marker. Make black polka dots or write special messages for an elegant no-fuss black and white look. Use this technique for clever place settings as well. Write a name on the front and one thing you appreciate about your guest on the back!
  3. Use brown eggs with no dye for an earthy look and tie some twine with a simple flower around an egg for a beautiful neutral look. This is a nice idea for an adult Easter basket.
  4. Apply temporary tattoos just like you would to your own skin for delightfully simple decorating fun.
  5. Crack me up! This is a fun way to let off some steam. After you dye a batch of eggs, let the little ones (and the big ones!) smash the shells with a spoon and then apply the multi-colored pieces to a new batch of eggs with hobby glue to make a colorfully decorative mosaic pattern.
  6. Jazz up food coloring dyes by adding olive oil to the dye. You’ll end up with a marbleized look that is totally unique.
  7. Why not add a little bling to your Easter eggs? Purchase faux jewels at your local craft store and just attach the jewels to your dyed eggs for an especially fancy look.

1Use edible materials for eggs you plan on consuming.

Easter Gifts: Easter Baskets

Do you remember the fun of waking up on Easter morning to find a basket filled with delicious treats? You can recreate that fun with baskets full of goodies that can be enjoyed by all ages. These unique ideas for Easter baskets will create more precious moments to remember for a lifetime as your loved ones discover their delightful gifts!

7 Unique Ideas For Memorable Easter Baskets

  1. Our stuffed animals are so adorable and huggable that you might want to order one for yourself to snuggle too! These sweet pals make great additions to any Easter morning.
  2. Easter is the perfect holiday for Easter bonnets and hats, why not turn their new hats into an Easter basket? Turn a baseball cap (or a fancy hat like dad’s) into a boy’s Easter basket. For girls, you can use a bonnet or a baseball cap! Fill these clever “baskets” with baseball cards, hair bows and other fun presents for boys and girls.
  3. For toddlers, a plastic sand bucket makes a great Easter basket, especially if you fill it with shovels, rakes and other toys kids can use to play at the beach or in the backyard sandbox.
  4. A small wagon or a toy truck can also be used to make fun Easter baskets, which you can fill with sidewalk chalk, outdoor toys, balls and other fun toys for Easter.
  5. Books, magazines subscriptions, and gift cards are great ideas for Easter baskets! For a friend who loves Precious Moments, include a membership to the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club®. Membership benefits2 include a Symbol of Membership Figurine, FREE shipping for an entire year, and a FREE subscription to MOMENTS, the quarterly magazine exclusive to Club Members.
  6. Be sure to take a look at our garden pots and planters. These cheerful garden accents make a wonderful way to create a truly unique and functional Easter basket. Surround your Easter figurines and gifts with fresh Spring flowers or place these adorable bunny pot hangers on a terra cotta planter for an Easter gift that is sure to be appreciated for years to come.
  7. Take a look at our lovely selection of Easter gifts and consider adding an adorable figurine or some inspirational tableware to an Easter basket for your best friend or sweetheart.

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Easter Traditions: Creative Easter Celebrations

Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday in churches and homes around the world. We’ve listed 7 ideas for Easter celebrations that are designed to help you enjoy this wonderful day.

7 Creative Ways To Celebrate Easter

  1. Holy Saturday is a wonderful time to build up the anticipation of Easter Sunday. In addition to special decorations that are designed to make the Easter Bunny feel welcome, be sure to welcome the REAL reason for the season – Jesus! Unveil our Limited Edition figurine the night before Easter and celebrate the special bond shared between Christ and children.
  2. Set out some fresh carrots and a dish of water for the Easter Bunny on a special plate in the same way that you set out milk and cookies for Santa! Make bunny footprints and eat most of the carrots to show the little ones that the Easter Bunny was really here!
  3. Start off the day right with a healthy breakfast that’s fun to eat and easy to make.
  4. President Rutherford B. Hayes hosted the first White House Easter Egg Roll in 1878. This tradition has continued for 140 years. If you can’t make it to Washington DC, host an Annual Easter Egg Roll contest at home!
  5. Set the scene for a beautiful Easter celebration with our Easter tableware, farmhouse decor and more.
  6. For very small children, tie balloons to Easter eggs so they can find them more easily.
  7. Get creative with a scavenger hunt. Leave clues with treats in the Easter eggs. Eventually, let the clues lead the kids to an Easter basket stuffed with special gifts and treats.

Thanks so much for reading our Easter blog post. May you continue to enjoy the blessings of faith, friendship, family, and fun for many years to come.

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