Counting Our Blessings – Many Thanks For A Wonderful Year

Counting Our Blessings – Many Thanks For A Wonderful Year

A Special Note Of Gratitude From Our CEO, Steve Kosmalski (“Kos”)

During the most wonderful time of the year, I like to count my blessings. No matter how many material gifts I have or wish I had, nothing ever compares to the joy I feel when I reflect on the blessings that don’t cost money. No worldly gift is as precious as a warm holiday hug or a child’s bright smile on Christmas morning. While this seems so obvious, we all learn this truth from someone. We’re not born knowing the value of faith, family, and friendship; we’re raised to know about this. For me and my family, it all started with my Polish immigrant grandparents, who arrived in this great country with a dream to work hard and raise a fine, faithful family in the land of the free.

Our holidays were filled with joyful reflections about the miracles bestowed upon us so long ago. During Christmas dinner, we broke bread and wished each person a special, personal blessing for the following year. I would love to know about your family traditions in the comments below. We all have so many gifts to share.

From a very young age, I was taught reverence for our Christian faith. To this day, I am filled with awe and gratitude for God’s goodness. I see that goodness in action when I read your Facebook comments, meet you at the Precious Moments Family Reunion Events, and witness the way you care for your loved ones. I see a spirit that transcends business and reminds me that the heart of Precious Moments is reflected by our devoted customers, faithful Club Members, and generous gift-givers who share the gift of love across the world.

Thank you for another truly wonderful year.

May you and yours enjoy a happy, healthy, heartwarming New Year.




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