Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Traditions For Love That Lasts A Lifetime

Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Traditions For Love That Lasts a Lifetime

As a thoughtful spouse, friend, or family member, you know it’s important to celebrate each and every year of marriage with memorable wedding anniversary gifts and traditions. That’s why Precious Moments designs anniversary figurines and gifts to honor the deep bonds that married couples share.

In this post, you’ll find some great celebration and gift ideas for a 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, 40th, or 50th anniversary as well a helpful guide that lists traditional gifts for the anniversaries by year.

1st Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper and the modern tradition is a clock. Create a homemade anniversary card and place it in a pretty gift bag with one of these romantic Precious Moments figurines.
One Year Wedding Anniversary

To honor both the paper and the clock, include a small hourglass that represents every joyful moment you spend together. If you can afford a splurge, paper plane tickets to a romantic destination are always fun. If you want to keep it simple, handmade paper coupons for fun activities together make a wonderful 1st anniversary gift as well.

Helpful Tip: Remember to honor your marriage with annual holiday traditions, too. Our dated Christmas ornaments are a wonderful way to celebrate the love between you year after year. In addition, you can add to these keepsake traditions as your family grows.

5th Year Anniversary Gifts

5th anniversary gifts should reflect your true appreciation for five of the most wonderful years of your life! This is an especially fun year of marriage to celebrate because the traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood and the modern gift to honor 5 years of wedded bliss is silverware. Create a romantic scene with a simple wooden basket containing a Precious Moments figurine, a wood photo frame, and a silver bracelet or cufflinks. Add a little fun to morning coffee or evening meal with a special “his and hers” set of ice cream or coffee spoons. Include an invitation for a romantic picnic indoors or outside with the one you love.
Five Year Wedding Anniversary

Helpful Tip: If you can afford a splurge, sapphire jewelry is a beautiful anniversary gift for her.  In addition, silver cufflinks are a wonderful anniversary gift for him.

10th Year Anniversary Gifts

10 Year Wedding Anniversary
For couples on a budget, tenth anniversary gifts can be a challenge. However, there are many ways to honor the traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift of tin or aluminum without sacrificing the family finances.Make a dozen roses out of tin foil. Include the message “ten roses plus two to represent a decade of love between me and you”. Dress up for a visit to your favorite breakfast or lunch café and take a leisurely stroll around town. Before you celebrate your special day, visit a local store and purchase a small, romantic gift for your spouse. Ask the shopkeeper if you can leave the present there as an anniversary surprise. When you visit the store, present your spouse with your thoughtful gift. Announce your anniversary to strangers on the street, or get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage all over again. Visit an art gallery or a museum and enjoy the luxury of fine art. In addition, shop for a special gift designed to commemorate 10 years of wedded bliss with the one you love.

25th Year Anniversary Gifts

25 Year Wedding Anniversary
It’s time to throw a party!  Think twinkle lights under white linens, wedding photos, and silver ribbons to celebrate the deep bond shared between couples who have stayed in love through a quarter century of life’s ups and downs. While most of us know that the 25thwedding anniversary gift is silver, we can also choose special gifts that honor the truly unique way our love has grown over the years.

Helpful Tip: Think about a bright future as you commemorate the past. This is a great year to learn something new together! Create a special garden with a decorated garden stone or a plaque that permanently commemorates this beautiful milestone in your married life.

40th Anniversary Gifts

40 Year Wedding Anniversary
The traditional 40thwedding anniversary gift is ruby. Host a retro-themed party to celebrate with ruby red accents everywhere. First, think about what was happening when you were married 40 years ago. Choose decorations and party favors that reflect those special years when you were first married.  In addition, it’s fun to celebrate your most romantic memories with a Precious Moments figurine.If you’re searching for the perfect way to honor your parents or grandparents, frame their wedding photo in this 40th wedding anniversary photo frame. Also, encourage guests to bring their favorite news clippings and photos from the past four decades. Finally, Create a collage to inspire fond memories for years to come.

Helpful Tip: Plan to take some extra time if you want to assemble an anniversary photo montage. Forty years ago, no one posted photos on social media or saved them digitally, so you might need to dig through boxes of photos and ask other family members and friends to do the same.

50th Anniversary Gifts

50 Year Wedding Anniversary
Congratulations! Your 50thanniversary is proof that you’ve learned the secrets of a happy, lasting union. Celebrate this marriage milestone by honoring the beautiful life you’ve built together with a hand-sculpted Precious Moments figurine or a wedding photo framed in a gold-toned frame. While the two of you might be a little older, your love can be forever young. Recreate youthful romantic memories at home. Make the meal from your wedding day or your first date. Enjoy reminiscing about your life together. This is a fun time to create a photo montage that includes your baby pictures and goes all the way through the wedding day to the Golden Anniversary party. Go modern and scan the photos into a digital photo frame. Married couples will appreciate the inspirational quality of this gift for many years to come.

Helpful Tip: Make a 50thwedding anniversary celebration special by providing an opportunity to contribute to the couple’s favorite charity. Present this donation as a note in a “memory book” filled with photos and special memories from family and friends.

If you’re searching for non-milestone anniversary gifts, we’ve included a helpful guide to traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year below.

Congratulations to all the happily married couples sharing the gift of love year after year! May your love be forever young and always golden.

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A Helpful Guide To Traditional And Modern Anniversary Gifts By Year

Year Traditional Gift Modern Gift Jewelry Gift
1st Anniversary Paper Clock Gold
2nd Anniversary Cotton China Garnet
3rd Anniversary Leather Crystal/Glass Pearl
4th Anniversary Fruit/Flowers Appliances Blue Topaz
5th Anniversary Wood Silverware Sapphire
6th Anniversary Candy/Iron Wood Amethyst
7th Anniversary Wool/Copper Desk Sets Onyx
8th Anniversary Bronze Linens/Lace Tourmaline
9th Anniversary Pottery Leather Lapis Lazuli
10th Anniversary Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry Diamond
11th Anniversary Steel Fashion Jewelry Turquoise
12th Anniversary Home Decor Pearls Jade
13th Anniversary Lace Textiles Citrine
14th Anniversary Ivory Gold Jewelry Opal/Ruby
15th Anniversary Crystal Watches Ruby
16th Anniversary Silver Hollowware Silver Hollowware Peridot
17th Anniversary Furniture Furniture Carnelian
18th Anniversary Porcelain Porcelain Cat’s Eye
19th Anniversary Bronze Bronze Aquamarine
20th Anniversary China Platinum Emerald
21st Anniversary Brass/Nickel Iolite
25th Anniversary Silver Silver Silver
30th Anniversary Pearls Diamond Pearl
35th Anniversary Coral Jade Emerald
40th Anniversary Ruby Ruby Ruby
45th Anniversary Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire
50th Anniversary Gold Gold Gold
55th Anniversary Emerald Emerald Alexandrite
60th Anniversary Diamond Diamond Diamond


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