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Tell us how Precious Moments or the Chapel has inspired you. 


 My wife Peggy and I toured the chapel and grounds this morning. It was such a joy for us both. i could just drag up a chair and sit in the chapel all day and just feed on the paintings. Thank you Mr. Butcher and staff for letting us share a couple hours there.

- Ray F.

Our Precious Moments are so special because of what they represent, the beautiful and sweet way they signify great messages from the Bible, and the memories and special precious moments with my mom. Thank you, Precious Moments, for the great adventures and memories in each figurine.

- Cathy S.

The chapel is such a relaxing and beautiful place.  I am lucky to live close and have been there many times and have never been disappointed in the beauty… Sam Butcher is such a gifted and talented man and we are so fortunate to have him share his talents and love of Christ through the chapel and his drawings.

- Kate, Blue Springs, MO

I met my wife in Dec of 2003, at which time I learned she loved Precious Moments. Every year since on her birthday and Christmas I've made sure to get her at least one Precious Moments. Her collection filled a curio cabinet, the fireplace mantel, the top of our dresser, the top of the computer desk and a book shelf. It's still growing…

- Steve M., Boardman, OH

I Love Precious Moments and have collected them for about 25 years now. One of many favorite pieces would be “ The Good Lord Has Blessed Us Tenfold.“ As it reminds me of myself and my husband who had 12 dogs at one time… This piece always makes me smile and reminds me of how much I loved all 12 of my doggies and how I miss them so very much.

- Barbara H., Riverside, CA

 Love precious moments! Each piece is so unique and the message behind them makes them even better! Each one I get reminds me of a special moment me or one of my family members will never forget!

- Jill G.

When I found out I was pregnant I prayed I was having a girl just so I could begin a "Growing in Grace" collection for her.  When I found out my baby was indeed a girl, my first purchase for her, before she was even born… Now every year on her birthday I give her a new one… I just hope my daughter will love them just as much.

- Theresa V.

My sister got me started collecting in 1992.  We would buy each other figurines for Christmas, birthdays or special occasions… Precious Moments are just that, Precious Moments in life that we need to cherish each and every moment, as life is short.

- Maria M., Gilroy, CA 

I have been a member since 1985 and have four cabinets full and a few more… I love everyone one I have. Thanks Precious Moments.

- Dorce B.

I have been collecting Precious Moments Figurines, Precious Moments Greeting Cards and Precious Moments Calendars.  Those Precious Moments inspired me with their strongest words from God.”A Universal Sign” figurine and I have the same common. I am deaf. Been deaf since birth.

- Maureen O., Pasadena, TX

I received my first Precious Moments, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” from my roommate in 1994 and have been collecting ever since. I was able to meet Sam on my second visit to the chapel. What an honor!

- Juana W.

I was very blessed to have met Mr. Sam Butcher on one of his trips to Hawaii in 1996.  He was so welcoming and easy to approach that both myself & my friend Charlene felt blessed to have met him. 

- Lorna R.

"Safe In The Arms Of Jesus" is one of my favorite Precious Moments. In November of 2006 I miscarried my second child, it was one of the hardest days of my life. But when I received this Precious Moment it put a smile on my face. Now every time I see it I know my baby is safe in the arms of Jesus!

- Donette H., Beresford, SD

Since I was a little baby, I have been fascinated with Precious Moments but I never had the opportunity to ever get one. Until I moved to New York area; one of my friends gave me a Precious Moments Bible for my birthday in 2002… SAM Thank you for obeying God and creating all these figurines, full of God's love with which you bless many lives. 

- Ruth F.

I've loved Precious Moments since I was about 9yrs old. I'd purchased couple lil things here and there but started collecting regularly after I found out I was expecting my first child in 2000… Next month my husband Vidal, our daughter Sam, our son Vidal Jr. and I will visit the Chapel for the first time. I'm super excited to meet Mr. Sam B! 
Thank you Sam B and PM, you make my heart smile... Loving, Caring and Sharing.

- Elizabeth A.,
Sun Valley, CA

I started collecting Precious Moment figurines as a teenager long before I was married in 1996.  I fell in love with the true meaning of Precious Moments (Loving, Caring & Sharing)… I thank Precious Moments for all the loving figurines.  Each one has a special meaning and PRECIOUS MOMENTS is always in my life and in my heart.

- Alma R., Glendale Heights, IL

I got my first figurine back in 1978 when my son was born. It was the one called “Jesus Loves Me.” That got me started and I have been collecting ever since. I probably have 70 by now and they all mean something to me. There isn’t one that is any more special than the next…

- Wendy S., North Royalton, OH

Precious Moments are special to me because they remind me of my mom. She started collecting and would give pieces to her daughters as gifts and got us hooked… Three years ago my sisters and I purchased a brick in her memory at the chapel. We were able to make a sisters trip from Louisiana to see it. With tears and smiles, we were happy to see that a part of her remains at a place that she loved!!!

- Cindy D., Napoleonville, LA

My first ever Precious Moments figurine was the one of a little girl holding a suitcase standing next to a crossroads.  The three crossroads are “LOVING” “CARING” AND “SHARING” … Every time I look at this figurine I have so many memories flooding through me.

- Rosemary P.

I have been a Precious Moments collector for many years. Our family has visited the Chapel many times. It is so inspirational! God bless you for all your good works.

- Judith K., Mapleton, IA

Precious Moments are truly inspirational to me and have been a big part of my growing up, and also of my life now. Thank you for being such an important part of my life. You are awesome! 

- Lucy S., Arcata, CA

I have enjoyed collecting all of my figurines over the years and cherish them greatly because each one has a special meaning in my life.  

- Debra P.