Top FAQs About Your Figurine Or Gift

How Do I Clean My Porcelain Figurines?

When cleaning your Precious Moments figurines, we suggest using lukewarm water with a very mild dish detergent such as Dawn dish soap. Wet a soft cloth and gently wipe your figurines to remove any dust.

What Type Of Batteries Do I Use In LED Figurines?

The battery requirements are specific to each LED figurine. Most require button cell batteries. Please check specific item descriptions.

Where Is The Best Place To Display My Figurine?

When displaying your Precious Moments figurines, it is best to display in a temperature-controlled environment out of reach of direct sunlight. This will help to ensure the longevity of the colors on the figurine.

How Do I Fix A Broken Figurine?

If your Precious Moments figurine suffers a break or crack, we suggest using either Locktite Gel Super Glue or Ducco Cement; both can be found at your local hobby store.

What If My Musical Snow Globe Does Not Play Music?

When you receive your snow globe, if it does not play right away, please turn the key counterclockwise until it is loose but not separated from the snow globe. Once loosened, turn the key clockwise slowly. If the snow globe still does not play, please contact Customer Support.

Can I Personalize A Figurine At Home?

You can use a paint pen to personalize porcelain figurines or ornaments. Never use a Sharpie as it can bleed into the porcelain. Paint pens can be purchased at many different hobby stores.

How Can I Remove Personalization From A Figurine?

If you would like to remove personalization from a figurine, please use non-acetone nail polish remover and a cotton swab to gently remove the personalization. NOTE: Any changes or repairs made to a Precious Moments item will result in immediate termination of the Limited Warranty. For more information, please contact Customer Support.