You’re My Sunny Side Of Life Figurine

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  • A day of summertime fun lies ahead for this little cutie in an inner tube. Fourth in a series of four seasonal figurines, she has flippers, goggles, and a turtle friend, too!
  • This figurine lets someone know they are the sunshine in each of your days, and they make you want to jump right into all life offers.
  • The perfect gift for anyone who loves water sports, summertime fun, or is a collector of all things Precious Moments, this figurine sweetly honors birthdays and holidays. It makes a great addition to welcome the summer season. Collect all four seasonal figurines to display as the seasons change!
  • Measuring approximately 5.5”H, this figurine is meticulously sculpted of bisque porcelain and is expertly hand-painted. 
  • This unique figurine is a Precious Moments Exclusive available only through, Precious Moments Catalogs, and the Precious Moments Foundation.
  • Find the other three figurines in our seasonal collection here.

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