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Frequently Asked Question



How do I find a specific figurine?

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There are many ways to find a specific figurine. You can search our available product by product type, occasion, price, keyword, or series. If you are still unable to find what you are looking for you can enter a brief description ("nurse", "blonde bride", "birthday", etc.), or an item #, in the search box. There are may be a few items which have not made it to our Online Store. If you cannot find the item you are looking for, please call our Mail Order Department at 800-445-2220 for more information. You can reach them Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am and 6pm Central Standard Time.

Can I place an order without "Setting up an Account" with you?

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It is possible to order without Registering. After adding the items you wish to purchase to your Shopping Cart, click the "CHECKOUT" button. The next screen that appears is Checkout/Login Screen. If you wish to checkout without Registering, click on option that says “Click Here to register as a guest.”

How can I follow-up on an order I have already placed?

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Please call Customer Service at 800-445-2220 for more information. You can reach them Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am and 6pm Central Standard Time.

I have registered with the Shopping Cart, but have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

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If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgot My Password” in the Checkout/Login screen. An email will be sent to you which contains a link to a page where you can enter a new password for your account.

How soon will I get my order?

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Please allow 7 – 10 business days to receive your credit card order placed on the website (International orders please allow 4-6 weeks). If you need to receive your order more quickly, please make sure you upgrade your shipping option to “Express” for an additional charge.

Why do I have to pay sales tax?

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Precious Moments is located in Carthage, Missouri and has offices in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. As a result, anyone who orders product in the states of Missouri and Illinois are required to pay sales tax. All other states are exempt from sales tax collection.

What is the “source code” that is asked for at checkout?

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The source code can be found on the back cover of your catalog, near your name and address. It is usually an 8-digit code, and corresponds with any special offers that may be available in the catalog you received.

How can I receive a catalog in the mail?

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You can sign up to receive our Precious Moments catalog in the mail by clicking on the “FREE CATALOG” option on the top right of the navigation bar. Be sure to also include your email address, so we can send you advance notice of special sales and events.



What is a Chapel Exclusive figurine?

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Each year, new Precious Moments figurines are produced and some are limited to distribution for special occasions or to members of collectors clubs. One special group of figurines is called Chapel Exclusive figurines. These figurines are only available at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri, on this website or through our Mail Order Division. 

What is a Limited Edition figurine?

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Each year new Precious Moments figurines are produced and some are limited in production. Once those figurines are sold, the mold is retired and indefinitely withdrawn from production. 

When was the Precious Moments Collection first introduced?

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The Precious Moments Collection premiered in October of 1978 for the 1979 production line.

How many figurines were introduced at that time?

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Twenty-one sculptures were introduced in the 1978 Precious Moments Collection, bearing the name of "The Orginal 21."

How many figurines have been made?

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The Precious Moments figurine line has produced well over 2,500 figurines.

How many figurines are made each year?

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Generally, 25 to 40 new figurines are produced each launch, four times per year. Some figurines may be suspended or retired. Once a figurine is retired, the mold is broken and it will never again be produced. A suspended figurine means the figurine is indefinitely withdrawn from production.

Some of my figurines are dusty, how can they be cleaned?

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Maintaining the original delicateness of these figurines requires minimal attention. If you figurines may be washed gently in warm water, with mild soap. Be careful not to use abrasives. Air dry, making certain the hollow inside is completely dry before display or packing. This simple procedure will help preserve the lasting beauty of your hand painted porcelain.

What do I do if I break or chip a figurine?

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There are two kinds of adhesives that will assist in repairing a broken figurine; they are "Ducco Cement" or "Adhesive Clear." We recommend going to you local hardware store and speaking with a store representative about what kind of "Ducco Cement" or "Adhesive Clear" would work best for your application because there are many types available.

A piece in my Nativity Set is broken. Can I replace it? How?

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Unfortunately, we do not stock replacement parts for sets. We occasionally receive a partially damaged set as a return. Please contact Customer Service for availablity. This can be done by calling 888-778-7275 or via email:

There are different markings on the bottom of my figurines. What do these markings represent?

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Yearly production marks provide us with a guide to determining the age of a particular figurine. The "triangle" marking signifies production during 1981, which was the first yearly production mark. The latest, the "chapel" is the yearly production mark for 2014.



How do I get to the Precious Moments Park?

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Precious Moments Park is located in Carthage, Missouri. The following link will take you to the part of our Web Site that will help you find out how to get from your front steps to ours: Directions

How much does it cost to tour the Chapel?

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Touring the Chapel is always FREE; however donations are graciously accepted.Click here to find our more about each of our Park Attractions.

What are the Chapel's Hours?

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You will find current Precious Moments Inspriation Park Hours of Operation on our Site: Hours of Operation

What else is at the Precious Moments Park to see and do?

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There are many things to do at the Precious Moments Park. Here a brief list of attractions with links to the areas of our Web Site that talk about each:
Gift Shop
Grounds and Gardens
Visitor Center

Do I have to be a Collectors' Club member to be able to attend the Collector events?

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Here at Precious Moments Park we offer special events for collectors every year. These are pre-paid, pre-registered events, and you do not have to be a club member to attend. They are open to anyone who enjoys Precious Moments and wants to join us for fun and fellowship. Click here to learn more about these events and how you can request a registration packet.

Do we have to have Reservations?

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Reservations are not required for individuals and groups of less than 20, however, it is highly recommended that you call at 1-800-543-7975 to check on availability for groups of more than 20.

How many people come to the Precious Moments Park each year?

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No one knows for certain how many people come to Precious Moments in a given year. Unlike many attractions where guests go through turnstiles or purchase tickets just to enter the attractions, Chapel guests are free to wander the grounds. Based on visitor counts, we estimate the number of annual visitors to the Park is approximately 400,000.

How old is the Chapel?

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Mr. Butcher began construction on the Chapel in 1985 and opened the Chapel in the Summer of 1989.



Click here for more information about The Precious Moments Collectors' Club.



How long has Precious Moments art been around?

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The Precious Moments line of greeting cards came on the scene in 1974. The Precious Moments collectibles line began in 1978 with 21 figurines, called the "Original 21". The collectibles line is now international and is one of the world's leading collectibles.

How much land does Mr. Butcher have at the Park?

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The Park’s land has grown from the original 17 1/2 acres in 1984 to around 3,000.

Does Mr. Butcher still work?

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Mr. Butcher is always the inspiration behind Precious Moments art and the activity at Precious Moments Park. He is now semi-retired, but remains active in various art projects.

Does Mr. Butcher still paint in the Chapel?

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Only the Chapel’s ceiling mural is sealed and considered complete. The remaining murals are unsealed and from time to time Mr. Butcher continues to make additions to those paintings.

Does Mr. Butcher have children?

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Yes. FIve living and two who have passed away in 1990 and 2012. He also has a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Are Mr. Butcher's Children involved in Precious Moments?

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Yes. They are very gifted in many areas and some of them participate in the business.

Where does Mr. Butcher get his ideas?

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For figurines, they come from the scriptures, from everyday experiences with others, and sometime from collectors, songs, or sayings. His mind is continually alert to life’s situations that ultimately spark an idea.

Where does Mr. Butcher live?

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He has art studios in Illinois, Missouri, and the Philippines. He lives quietly in those locations.

Is Mr. Butcher at the Chapel often?

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Not as often as in the early days of the Park’s construction. He does visit several times each year for special events.