Disney Don’t Let The Magic Slip Away Cinderella Figurine

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  • Dressed as Cinderella, one of Disney’s most beloved princesses, a demure looking Precious Moments girl wears a stunning gown fit for a royal ball.
  • While the gown may sparkle and a magical glass slipper sits askew nearby, this figurine encourages us to look past superficial beauty and hold on to the true magic that lives inside us.
  • Fans of the classic Disney film Cinderella and Disney collectible gifts in general will truly appreciate this nod to one of the most iconic Disney princesses. Give this figurine for birthdays, special occasions, and holidays – it’s the perfect gift to let her know how magical she is!
  • Measuring approximately 5.5”H, this figurine is meticulously sculpted in fine bisque porcelain and is masterfully hand-painted.
  • Inspired by Disney’s classic characters and iconic films, the Precious Moments Disney Showcase collection features gifts designed to create magical moments of connection among Disney fans of all ages.


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