Love Is The Music 2022 Precious Moments Collectors' Club® Symbol of Membership Figurine

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  • This exclusive 2022 Precious Moments Collectors’ Club® Symbol Of Membership Figurine shows that music is a great way to convey love, sending a message that comes right from the heart.
  • Strumming her acoustic guitar, this lovely musician taps her foot to the beat as her kitten friend dances along. The figurine’s base fits together with the 2022 Members’ Only Figurines. They combine to create a band that encourages one and all to “Make Your Own Music”.
  • Give this figurine and all the benefits of Club membership to someone who enjoys collecting Precious Moments or who simply enjoys making or listening to beautiful music. Membership in the 2022 Precious Moments Collectors’ Club® makes a great birthday present or holiday gift!
  • Measuring approximately 5.5”H, this figurine is meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and is expertly hand-painted. 


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