40 Ways To Share The Gift Of Love Part One: Friends And Co-Workers

40 Ways To Share The Gift Of Love Part One: Friends And Co-Workers

Apr 27th 2018

40 Ways To Share The Gift Of Love Part One: Friends And Coworkers

Since we believe the world improves with every act of kindness, we're continuing our year-long celebration of the Precious Moments 40th Anniversary in 2018 with blog posts dedicated to making the world a better place. This is the first post in our four-part 40th Anniversary series, "40 Ways To Share The Gift Of Love".

Although our product line has expanded to include tableware, baby clothes, stuffed animals, and so much more, our original mission has remained the same since 1978:

Make the world a better place by sharing the gift of love.

Now, let's enjoy learning 10 simple ways to share the gift of love with friends and coworkers.

1. Share Gifts That Welcome Spring

It’s hard to believe, but Spring is here! This is the perfect time to brighten someone’s day with fresh-cut flowers, a small pot of spring tulips about to bloom, or a gift for the garden with a card that says “Thank you for helping me grow” or “I love the way our friendship grows”.

Be creative! Fresh flowers can be cut short and bunched together in a short glass or a small vase for an unobtrusive accent at work. After all, there’s nothing nicer than a bright bunch of flowers or a pretty garden gift left on someone’s porch or office desk!

Have some fun! Make a little sign that says “Spring Surprises Inside” and hide a Precious Moments figurine or a small gift amidst a pot of spring buds.

2. Share The Gift Of Time

Did your friend just tell you she’s too busy? Take that as an inspirational clue and tell her that she just won a free worker for a day (or an hour). Offer to help by spring-cleaning her workspace or bring a ready-to-eat meal for her family to the office.

3. Share The Gift Of Good News In The Mail

Most of us don’t look forward to the mail these days; often it’s nothing but junk mail and bills! For this reason, it's nice to send someone a simple letter about one of your favorite memories of them. In addition, you can also share a little news from your life and ask her to reply. You can also enclose a photo in an inspirational card or send a friendship-themed figurine.

Good news in the mail is truly a welcome surprise!

Short on time? Grab a simple thank you card and just say “Thank you for the blessing of our friendship” or print out a photo and use it as a quick postcard! 

4. Share A Monthly Dose Of Encouragement

It’s relatively quick work to write down 12 things you appreciate about your friend or coworker (especially if you ask for help from others who might enjoy contributing their ideas to this project). You can use simple construction paper or get fancy with thicker card stock. Floral cards or gift tags work as well. Just write down short notes of encouragement and praise and place them in a coffee cup, a mason jar, or a vase.

This is a lovely way to add a bright spot of cheer to her desk or her home!

5. Share A Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s actually pretty easy to give your friend or coworker a gift she can enjoy throughout the year! How? Well, how about a magazine subscription, a wine or food of the month club, or a membership in the Precious Moments Collectors' Club®?

6. Share The Story Of Your Friendship

You don’t have to be a creative genius for this project. A simple photo album with your favorite pictures of different times with your friend is just fine. On the other hand, if you want to invest more time in this gift, go ahead and create a scrapbook of your friendship through the years. Of course, you can also include some of her favorite quotes or special quotes about friendship.

 “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

7. Share Photos

Most of us have more photos on our phone than we can count, with vague plans to frame, put on canvas, or print them someday. First, surprise her with an email or a card requesting her ten favorite photos by email. Then, choose an especially nice photo and have it printed and framed as a gift.

Make this extra special. Send off to a service that will put the photo on canvas or do it yourself!

8. Share Your Appreciation For Their Kids

Surprise your friends by joining them to cheer on their child at a sporting event or school performance.

Make it extra special: Bring homemade treats to share.

9. Share Extras

Making lunch for work? Pack your favorite coworker lunch in a brown paper bag tied with string. Use a permanent marker to label the bag "A Few Of (your friend's name)'s Favorite Things". Baking zucchini or banana bread? Make an extra loaf, wrap it in aluminum foil and turn it into a thoughtful gift with a simple ribbon

10. Share A Friendship Appreciation Day

Write down 3 or 4 enjoyable activities to share with your friend. Cut the paper so that one activity is listed on each piece and fold the pieces in half. Then put the choices in a cup and have her pick one. This is really fun.

Make it extra special: If you can come up with 12 ideas, you could have her pick one for each month.

Be sure to read our kick-off 40th Anniversary blog post. Also, take a peek at exclusive Limited Edition 40th Anniversary figurine; it’s a great way to Share The Gift Of Love with a friend! Check back often for special events at the Precious Moments Chapel, Facebook Giveaways, Collectors’ Club Cruise information, and more as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary all year-long.

Thank you for reading our post, and more importantly, for sharing the gift of love.

"I have found that love, above all else, seems to be the key to making the world a better place.” - Samuel J. Butcher, Founder, Precious Moments