Blessed Are They Who Grow in Grace

Blessed Are They Who Grow in Grace

Oct 28th 2021

There is no event quite as exciting during childhood as when your birthday rolls around. Each year brings new achievements, memories, and dreams to celebrate. We honor the occasion with parties, special sweets, and precious gifts! Of course, the most important gift you can give is your time. Share a meal in person, a laugh-filled video chat, or take the time to write a handwritten letter. When considering a tangible gift, you want it to be a meaningful expression of how much you care, something that will be treasured forever.

Our Growing In Grace series of figurines checks all those boxes! This series made its debut decades ago and has continued to grow in popularity with young girls around the world. These beautiful figurines commemorate the birthday girl from birth to age 16. Each figurine is sculpted in fine bisque porcelain and hand-painted for a truly artful gift.

Both blonde and brunette versions have been available for some time, and now, we are so happy to introduce a redhead collection! Our auburn-haired daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and friends through age 10 now have figurines that look like them. Give your favorite redheaded girl one of these special figurines and begin a beautiful tradition. These redhead figurines join their blonde and brunette counterparts in serving as birthday cake toppers, décor, and a fine gift for little girls to look forward to each year and display in their room.

We have heard from so many young girls about how much they anticipate and appreciate their Growing In Grace figurines. You can be the one to bring this joy to one of your favorite birthday girls! Have you started a collection for someone special? We would love to hear how she reacts when she receives her precious gift!