How to Host The Perfect Gender Reveal Party

How to Host The Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Mar 18th 2021

Pink or Blue?

The news of a baby on the way is one of life’s most beautiful blessings. It is no wonder that we continually devise fun ways to celebrate Baby’s upcoming arrival! Baby showers have long been held to make sure new parents have everything they need to care for their little ones, but now many parents-to-be are opting to host gender reveal parties as well, to announce whether they will be welcoming a baby girl or baby boy.

  Parties and small gatherings are making a slow and careful comeback. Depending on your area, you may choose to gather a few of your closest friends and relatives, always considering the safety and well-being of your guests. A smaller number in physical attendance doesn’t mean a limit to the number of people joining in on the festivities. Consider live-streaming or setting up a video conference to allow people to witness the reveal virtually. You can even create a video to post on social media for those who would love to be a part of your journey, but are unable to attend in person. 

Gender reveal announcements are a great opportunity to explore your creativity - there is an infinite number of fun ways to do the reveal! You may have seen balloons filled with pink or blue confetti or cupcakes filled with pink or blue frosting. How about a piñata party with all pink or blue candy inside? Or an event where colored balloons are launched from a concealed box? The possibilities are endless! The designers at Precious Moments® wanted to get in on the fun, too. Use our  Elephant Gender Reveal Cake Topper or the How We Wonder What You Are Gender Reveal LED Nightlight to spill the beans!

More Tips:

  • Designate a person or two to take photos of the exact moment the news is revealed. Just like the wedding kiss at the altar, this is a big moment that new parents will want to replay again and again.
  • Set up a poll a few days before the event to get people guessing, especially if you plan to live stream on a platform like Facebook.
  • Whether in person or online, ask people to vote on which gender they think the baby will be. Hold a drawing between those who guessed correctly for a fun prize like a restaurant gift card.
  • Avoid potentially dangerous options, like cannons, fireworks or anything that could cause harm. Safety first!
  • When planning a gathering, know and follow the COVID-19 guidelines in your area.

Did you host a successful gender reveal party? Do you plan to? We would love to hear your stories in the comments!