Our Top Five Fall Faves!

Our Top Five Fall Faves!

Oct 9th 2020

Autumn is such a unique season. A time of beauty and reflection, it fosters so many fun traditions and opportunities to make memories with those we love. Here are our top five favorite things about fall.

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1. Pumpkin Everything! From pumpkin spice to pumpkin picking, there’s just something about this autumn squash that gets us thinking that fall might be the best season of all. We love to carve pumpkins, paint pumpkins, decorate with pumpkins, and cook pumpkins! We love our pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie, and even pumpkin soup. We love setting a candle inside, we love roasting the seeds, and we love picking the perfect one from the patch. Simply put, we love pumpkins!

Have A Purr-fect Halloween Exclusive Figurine2. Trick-or-Treat Seeing the little ones walking around in their adorable costumes, hoping to receive their favorite treats from neighbors, is one of the happiest joys of autumn. If in person trick-or-treating isn’t possible this year, there are still some fun ways to enjoy this Halloween tradition. You can organize a goody-bag drop off with friends or neighbors. Just leave a large bucket or basket at the end of your driveway or walkway and wave to the kids in costumes from at a safe distance! Or you can plan an in-house scavenger hunt for the kiddos to find some tasty treasures.

3. Beautiful Autumn Bouquets This time of year provides an endless supply of natural materials to make unique and gorgeous bouquets. Cuttings from dried grasses, flowers, and pods along with branches with colorful leaves combine to create striking arrangements. Display in a glass cider jug, amber bottle, or a seasonal vase for a welcoming centerpiece.

4. Nature Walks Don your favorite fall sweater or wrap yourself in a cozy flannel blanket and take a stroll in the crisp fall air. Feel the leaves crunch beneath your feet, notice nature preparing for a bit of slumber, hear the crows, and the rustle of the wind. Whether you’re walking in the woods or down the sidewalk, there is always something wondrous to see and feel when autumn arrives.

5. Giving Thanks! Of course we should keep a thankful heart all year through, but there is just something about fall that makes us feel introspective. During this time we feel truly appreciation for all the blessings we have, while praying for those facing difficulties this season.

Happy Fall Y’All!